What is MOD?

Moving Object Detection (MOD) is a system that warns the driver of moving objects around the vehicle, such as pedestrians, cyclists, animals, or other vehicles. 

Adding the Moving Object Detection (MOD) function further enhances the "easy-to-understand, easy-to-see" effect of the panoramic surveillance image. By utilizing the camera's image processing technology, moving objects are captured and the driver is alerted to them through a screen and a beeping sound. It detects moving objects in the vicinity of the vehicle through the synthesized overhead image before starting; detects objects passing horizontally through the monitor image in the direction of travel when starting; and alerts the driver through the display and a beeping sound. It assists the driver in confirming safety by notifying the driver in advance of the surroundings of his or her own vehicle.

The four-camera system alerts the driver in three scenarios: when parked or in neutral, when moving forward, and when backing up. When moving forward or backing up, the front or rear cameras detect certain moving objects, respectively. When parked or in neutral, the system uses a virtual bird's-eye view image to detect moving objects around the vehicle.MOD.jpg