What is LDWS?

Lane departure warning System (LDWS) is a kind of vehicle driving safety assistant system, can reduce automobile accidents due to lane departure system.

LDWS is mainly composed of cameras, controllers and sensors. When the lane departure system is turned on, the camera (usually placed on the side of the car body or the rearview mirror) will collect the identification line of the driving lane at all times, and obtain the position parameters of the car in the current lane through image processing. The sensor will collect vehicle data and the driver's operating status in time, and then the controller will issue an alarm signal, the whole process is completed in about 0.5 seconds, providing more reaction time for the driver. If the driver turns on the turn signal and changes lanes normally, the lane departure warning system will not give a warning.

At present, lane departure warning systems equipped by various manufacturers are based on visual (camera) data collection based on research and development, but they in rain and snow weather or poor visibility of the road surface, the accuracy of collecting lane markers will be reduced. In order to solve this problem, technical engineers have developed a collection method of infrared sensors, which are generally placed on both sides of the front bumper, and collect signals through infrared rays to analyze the road condition, even in the harsh environment of the road surface, can also identify lane markers, which is convenient to remind the driver of the road departure state in any environmental road conditions.LDWS.jpg