Commercial Vehicle

The AVM(Around View Monitor) has been successfully commercialized on commercial vehicle such as school buses and public buses. On the one hand, cameras installed around the vehicle help the driver observe the environment around the vehicle, reduce blind spots, and reduce the risk of safety accidents; on the other hand, the recording function helps assist regulatory authorities in verifying sudden accidents. 

Especially with the addition of ADAS functions such as MOD and BSD, this application has become more and more useful. 

Commercial vehicles are vehicles designed and technically characterized for transporting people and goods. Commercial vehicles include all cargo vehicles and passenger vehicles with more than 9 seats. They are divided into five categories: passenger vehicles, cargo vehicles, semi-trailer tractors, incomplete passenger vehicles, and incomplete cargo vehicles. In the entire industry media, the concept of commercial vehicles is mainly defined by its different uses. It is customary to divide commercial vehicles into two categories: passenger vehicles and cargo vehicles.